By Vernalee
thrown under the bus
According to the definition, to throw (someone) under the bus means to sacrifice another person (often a friend or ally), who is usually not deserving of such treatment, out of malice or for personal gain.
I hear this colloquial expression all too often. Though it is an idiomatic phrase, its meaning is bigger than life. I am sure that it (being thrown under the bus) has happen to you; as it has me, a few times in life. This act is unquestionably more serious than someone spitefully snitching or being a traitorous “Benedict Arnold,” although these actions are indeed hurtful as well.
To be thrown under the bus is a terrible deed, but to be kicked into the streets beforehand is bona fide cruelty. How can we not argue that this kick is intentional? Unquestionably, with the – egregious kick and throw routine – a person becomes mincemeat by someone purportedly that he / she trusted. Characteristically, the individual is destroyed. The bus ran over its prey with no time for “Rodger dodger” avoidance. It’s harrowing and terrifying! Constituting more than just target practice, a little kick will do it every time! It’s devastating!
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