By Vernalee
The past couple of months have been emotionally draining. So today, on this last Sunday in July 2016, I lovingly and gratefully say, “Thank you Lord! Thank you for your covering, your grace, your love, your mercy, and your protection for my family and me.
My list of thanks… is never ending; it goes on and on, but merciful Lord, I know that you can read my heart. I know Lord that you know what my thoughts are before I conceive them. I know that you know the words that I am about to utter before they exit my mouth! So, thank you Lord for being there; never leaving my side. Thank you Lord for a loving daughter named Phoebe; a protective son that I named David and call Scooter; an adorable grandson, my very own King David; a stand by my side Mother, Miss Phoebe; a caring family; and multitudes of special friends!
Thank you for removing people from my life who need not be there so that the doors can be opened to receive goodness. I am so grateful that my heart and mind acknowledge what my eyes saw before but refused to accept. I know that my heart may sometimes ache, but that you will be my comforter. Truly, I am blessed; too blessed to be stressed! Hallelujah! Thank you for teaching me how to love, how to forgive, how to shake the dust off my feet and move on! I know that I am work in progress, but I also know that I travel the road not alone as you are on the journey with me. Thank you Lord for life; thank you everything!”
Happy Sunday to my followers. Blessings!