By Vernalee
Being a Mississippi transplant living in the mighty Cleveland, Ohio, I can attest to the statement that “there is no place like home!” Now, LeBron James agrees! He is returning home to the Cleveland Cavaliers to a city that will undoubtedly forget the bruises of the past and welcome him back with open arms. The past is the past. Let’s keep it there! LeBron made a wise statement at the ripe age of 29 showing that he has maturely grown up. “My relationship with northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball.”
Relationships count. Relationships will live with us when the room is empty and the doors are closed. Home is where the heart is and the relationships linger. I imagine that LeBron clicked his Nike tennis shoes like the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy clicked her ruby red slippers and said “There is no place like home!” Truly there is not! And you can always go back! Welcome back LeBron! Your royal court is waiting!
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