By Vernalee
little meesh. deviantart. comIn culinary circles, butter is the ultimate spread for bread. Let’s examine its other flavorful non-nutritional value. Enters Mr. Goody Good Shoe; a name uncharacteristic of his attributes because good he is not! The little work that he does is wrong, but he is the boss’ protagonist so he doesn’t have to be right. He worries not about being chastised because he is also the mouthpiece for the reclusive boss man who is seldom seen in business meetings or at the office. Go to any popular watering hole, however, and you will find the boss swirling on a royal barstool ordering drinks for the house! Mr. Goody says everything that his boss wants to hear, lies upon lies, but he has nothing to prove because the boss takes good care of him. In fact, the boss just gifted him with a two week exclusive European vacation and a luxury chariot to drive as he locally cruises through town. Good googly moogly! Everybody knows he is a “flake” but his “Master” (excuse me, his boss) likes his servants to be unchallenging, aloof, patronizing, and faithful. Mr. Goody Good Shoe cares not what his colleagues think. Why would he? He has favor where it counts. Mr. Goody has successfully caused countless acts of office chaos and has been the catalyst for even the “Nobel Prize brainiest” and the “cream of the crop” resigning or being fired if they got under his skin. Since he is mediocre at best, he loathes those whose intellectual capital mirrors Einstein. Yes sir boss! He gets away with unethical behavior and sabotage in the nth degree because he knows better than most how to butter the boss’ bread!
Photo credit: LittleMeesh on DeviantArt