By Vernalee
In our vocabulary, we co – mingle words and their definitions when the meanings are really quite different. Often, we say he / she is a nice person when we should actually say he / she has good manners. Sterling etiquettes and niceness are not always the same; there are discerning distinctions. For example, a person can open the door for you ; address you as Yes Sir / Yes Ma’am; be exceptionally polite – and still put a knife in your back. Stellar mannerism does not insulate one from the administration of the perpetrator’s evilness and ill intent. Quite the contrary! Instead, it may make the obvious serpents harder to see / detect. Call them out! Call them what they are! Call a spade – a spade! They are despicable people doing despicable things! Their good manners don’t mean that they are nice, good hearted people. Hidden behind their sophisticated mannerism may be a bow and arrow aimed directly at your heart! Stay on guard so that you can be on the lookout for the archery kings and queens!
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