By Vernalee
safe at home health trends. comWatching a totally independent woman who once had ”more pep in her step” than most – now gingerly walk with a snail pace prompted an adjustment of my pupils. Our eyes never fool us; it is our acceptance of what we see that is troublesome. Last week, my vision changed with accompanying life style modifications waiting in the wings. I am now taking care of the woman who once took care of me!
Admittedly, the onset of my Mother’s move from Mississippi to Ohio last week was tensed. Aided by my two children, we lovingly converted our master bedroom into Mother’s private quarters. Actually, I was surprised at my elevated level of feeling overwhelmed. Not me; Miss Cool Breeze! My Mother has often stayed with me for weeks and months at a time. I know what it’s like to be under the roof with an observant discerning woman who can spot and inform you that there is a trace of dirt on your floor that is invisible to most eyes; who will perform her white glove test to make sure your tabletops are immaculately polished; who leaves advisory notes around your house; and who can taste a cake and discern that a 1/2 teaspoon of salt is missing. My Mother has never bitten her tongue when it comes to direction and correction of any of my life’s activities. Thus, I am no stranger to Mother’s scrutiny. So as she and I move from the once temporary visits to a more permanent living arrangement, I recognize the differences in stewardship of having your children versus a parent in your domain. Children, you instruct; parents, instruct you! Though I am the house’s power broker (I think), I am still the child in the eyes of my Mother! I am well suited for Mother’s temperament because I learned to zip my lips 60 years ago. Seriously, I am honored to be of service and thankful that I can be a vessel for my Queen! Facetiously, I have a few comments, but I dare not utter what I am thinking. I remember Mother’s favorite words, “I brought you into this world and I will take you out! ”
I don’t want to receive a backhanded slap!
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