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By Vernalee
We are all guilty of procrastination.
It’s easy to put off until tomorrow what we could do today!
However, we can’t stop the clock. It never stops ticking.
Seconds become minutes; minutes become hours; hours, days; days, weeks; weeks, months; months, years; years, decades …..
Before we realize it, so much time has lapsed without accomplishing needed tasks or realizing desired goals.
Time can be utilized wisely or wasted abundantly.
Which will it be?
Our energies become wasted waiting for the perfect time! The perfect time may never come around.
Follow the Indian (Cherokee) proverb: “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today!”
Enjoy every moment of your life now! Tomorrow is not promised!
Live, love, laugh!


By Vernalee
This quote singles out two specific situations and the accompanying emotions – patience and attitudes. Answer this.
How patient have you been or can you be when you don’t have what you want/need?
For those who have moved from nothing to substantial, has your attitude changed?
Humility, kindness, helpfulness, and keeping your feet on solid ground may be handy to keep in storage!
They will serve you well and will never go out of style!
Also keep in mind:
* Failure teaches you that you aren’t perfect.
* Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.
* Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to have a good attitude
while working.
* Dependability on others may be disappointing and not produce what you desired/expected. Be prepared.
* When you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody, your
freedom will begin.
* No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and
make a new ending.
* Your attitude determines your altitude.
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PostHeaderIcon THE “S” WORD

By Vernalee
heather on her
The “S” word – after all these years – I dread hearing and worst yet, seeing it! Snow, snow, and more snow!
Welcome to winter wonderland! Despite the mild temperatures that we recently had, winter is now in full bloom.
Accompanied by swift blowing winds and frigid cold single digit and below zero temperatures, falling snow has arrived!
Those tiny white crystal flakes (marvelously made where no two flakes are the same) have fallen from the sky and lined our yards and driveways…as expected, once again!
It’s a yearly ritual.
A glimpse out of your window shows piles of mountainous white stacks of those flakes as far as your eyes can see.
Snow is everywhere.
Lest not forget the ice sickles!
Soon, we will be watching kids play in the snow. They build snowmen, slid down the slippery slopes and roll in the snow’s glistening whiteness; all in the name of fun!
Some folks cannot wait for the ski slopes to be covered with those white glorious flakes … and a gliding they will go!
There’s more!
When your morning is consumed by listening to NBC’s Weatherman Al Roker tell you how many inches will fall in “your neck of the woods,” it’s too much! It takes me over the edge!
I need not be reminded of the white flakes. We have never been on friendly terms!
Driving in it can be challenging; sliding, swerving, gliding everywhere. A normal 30 minute commute can easily become a 2 hour journey with the accumulation of that rapidly falling “white stuff.” Snow can bring traffic to a squealing halt; as it recently did in Cleveland, Ohio! Need I remind those who were stuck in it!
Going out of your door requires planned preparation. Included in this exit amongst other things are – shoveling your pathway/driveway; layering your body with tons of clothing to keep warm (aw shucks, I forgot my gloves again); putting on fur lined boots; keeping a survival kit in your vehicle; need I say more!
For those lovers of cold weather and snow flakes, don’t take this the wrong way. You can stay in the chill!
As for me, I am looking for a warm retreat. Perhaps, the glaring sun of my native Mississippi spoiled me!
I must find me a vacation home where I can escape for the winter months. I’m surprised that I have endured the chills this long. There’s no better time than the present to start the market search.
That beach front property on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi is looking very tempting!
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By Vernalee
It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela

“It’s too much; I cannot do it; it’s too weighty on my heart and mind; it is an impossible task.”
How many times have you heard that or said it yourself? How many times have you wanted to just give up? When it is not easy and the answers are not at your fingertip, the job can become overwhelming; particularly when you want it to happen immediately.
The beauty of accomplishment is that once all is done, you forget about its arduousness.
Perseverance is key. Here’s how we can do it.
1. Strengthening your resolve.
A. Know what you want.
B. Get rid of self doubt.
C. Practice staying cool.
D. Don’t get dragged down by haters.
E. Know your value.
F. Enjoy life.
2. Dealing with obstacles.
A. Face reality.
B. Weigh your options carefully.
C. Listen to your conscience.
D. Stand up for yourself.
E. Learn from your mistakes.
3. Staying resilient.
A. Keep your mind and body healthy.
B. Keep things in perspective.
C. Nourish your spirituality.
D. Stay true to who you are.
As the late great Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Let that statement motivate you to move forward and beyond adversities.
You might be pleasantly surprised at what lies within and ahead.
We often underestimate our inner strength and ourselves!
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By Vernalee
Cruising down my memory lane of experiences, the cotton fields of Mississippi indeed left unforgettable memories.
During the summer, you walked from one end of the cotton field to the other in the blazing hot sun chopping down the weeds from the cotton plants.
This removal was necessary to allow the crop to produce white snowy cotton for picking.
It was the separation process that determined the outcome and purity of the harvest.
Our lives are no different.
We have to remove the bad folks from our presence to allow our goodness and quality to blossom.
Unlike noticeable weeds, sometimes the badness in people can’t be immediately seen until their actions reveal their naughtiness.
Once their ugliness raises its head, it’s time for the separation process to begin. If you don’t remove yourself from their midst, you are subjected to continued infestation.
The wheat has worth; the chaff is worthless!
An alignment with worthiness cannot produce prosperity.
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing!
No more needs to be said. It’s as simple as that!
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By Vernalee
Integrating Steve Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” into our personal lives is not a bad idea. Habits eventually form our character.
Though written from a managerial point of view, – Independence, Interdependence, and Continuous Improvements – are the pillars of Covey’s approach.
They also work marvelously personally.
1. Be proactive.
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. Put first things first.
4. Think win, win.
5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
6. Synergize.
Continuous improvement
7. Sharpen the saw.
This professional / management philosophy has found a personal home with me.
It adds up; it makes sense; it is effective; it works!
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By Vernalee

How do we influence others?
Advice, Counseling, and Coaching are the three magic words that are the key methods.
Let’s take a look at each.
1. Advice –
A. Directive in nature.
B. Quick and to the point.
C. May be welcomed (or not).
D. Aimed at producing results.
E. Not always effective in changing long term behavior.
2. Counseling –
A. Directive and corrective.
B. Involves citing facts and evidence.
C. Generally, not desired.
D. Aimed at re-aligning behavior.
E. May be effective in changing long term behavior.
F. Conversation often one way.
3. Coaching –
A. Socratic, collaborative in nature.
B. Involves asking questions and sharing perspectives.
C. Needs to be desired in order to be effective.
D. Aimed at helping the receiver see alternative actions.
E. Conversations must be two way.
We parents probably have used all three of the methods to influence our children at some time or another.
“To influence others you must go beyond general expectations and reach for limits above the norm. You must also have total confidence in yourself and what you are attempting to achieve as you provide words, wisdom, and prosperity. Understanding your impact as you show others what they can achieve is paramount.”
Method 1 – Influencing Colleagues
A. Boost confidence.
B. Gain knowledge and do research.
C. Know the person you are trying to influence.
D. Ensure honesty by being genuine and absolute.
Method 2 – Influencing Adversaries
A. Know your opponent’s side.
B. Prove your dedication and commitment.
C. Show that you are an expert and have total belief.
Method 3 – Achieving Influence In Sales
A. Grasp the power of persuasion.
B. Use conformity and social impact.
C. Believe that what you are selling, your product is truly the best.
Influence is powerful.
Use it to your advantage and to the benefit of others!
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By Vernalee

A “role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.”
We know them and have seen a few or two. They are easily recognizable by their actions and they possess the following attributes.
1.“Demonstrate confidence and leadership.
A good role model is someone who is generally positive, calm, and confident in themselves. Happy with their achievements, they continue to strive for bigger and better objectives.
2.Are not afraid to be unique.
They are proud of the person they’ve become. Role models won’t pretend to be someone they are not, and won’t be fake just to suit other people.
3.Communicate and interact with everyone.
Good communication means listening as well as talking. People are energized by leaders who explain why and where they are going. Great role models know they have to have a consistent message.
4.Show respect and concern for others.
Driven, successful, and smart, role models show respect and gratitude. No one should be taken for granted or stepped on to get ahead.
5.Are knowledgeable and well rounded.
Great role models aren’t just “teachers.” They are constant learners, challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zones, and surround themselves with smarter people. When team members see that their role model can be many things, they will learn to stretch themselves in order to be successful.
6.Have humility and willingness to admit mistakes.
Nobody is perfect. When you make a bad decision, let those who are watching and learning from you know that you made a mistake and how you plan to correct it. By apologizing, accepting accountability, and correcting course, you will be demonstrating an often overlooked part of being a role model.
7.Do good things.
They find time for good causes such as raising money for charity, saving lives, and helping people in need get extra credit. Commitment to a good cause is key.
True role models are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have, and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better people.”
Being a role model is a huge task. If you have children, remember they watch every move you make.
It’s a tall order!
There is constant spotlight on you from everyone.
Sure, the way you live your life and the things that you do/say stay on constant display.
Yet, the people that your conduct helps and influences is worth every step you take.
As a role model, the rewards are great and the impact – to all the lives that you touch is immeasurable.
Besides … Staying on course helps us to stay out of trouble!
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By Vernalee
To be obvious or unusual form the basis for Standing Out From The Crowd.
Our actions, behavior, leadership … determine where we stand.
Certainly, our attitude and aptitude determine the altitude to how high we rise. If you want to be more than the average bear, mediocrity has no place in your world.
As Susan Gale says, ” Normalcy is what makes you part of the crowd. Character is what makes you stand out from the crowd. But principle is what makes you rise above the crowd.”
Entrepreneurs in particular must pave their way through the maze. In this process, there are 5 secrets to stand out and rise above the crowd.
1. Take Initiative.
2. Have a positive mental attitude (PMA).
3. Have Goals.
4. Be open to take risks and keep an open mind.
5. Be a Go Getter.
We have to stay “charged up,” stay motivated, take the challenge, execute, deliver, and display positivity in our actions and leadership.
As entrepreneurs, we are watched and judged. We must deliver the best and don’t short-step on quality!
We must be our best and do our best …standing or sitting!
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By Vernalee
Zzzz! Do I hear someone snoring? It’s not me, but I am struggling to keep my eyes open! Whether in our personal or professional lives, being with a person who is completely boring is challenging. Have you ever been in a meeting with one? Oh my!
You probably know just as many boring people as I do. Stop counting! That’s not nice! Try to stay awake. They can put you to sleep; can’t they?
Without fail, here are some of their habits:
1. “Boring people have unbalanced conversations.
Instead of finding a rhythm between talking and listening, boring people are on either conversational extreme.
Either they are – all listening and no talking, or all talking and no listening.
2. Boring people can’t tell if people are engaged in the conversation.
If you’re emphatically boring, you’re probably missing the other person’s body language.
What makes a person boring is the “continual blathering and ignoring of signals and body language that say (perhaps not loudly enough) ‘I’m not interested in what you’re saying, but am nodding every few seconds only to be polite.'”
3. Boring people can’t make people laugh.
Humor shows “cognitive flexibility”: the ability to assess an idea or an event from a variety of perspectives, and then, naturally, make light of it. Boring people lack it.
4. Boring people always do the same thing.
What makes a person boring is living a sedentary life without variety. Diverse experiences improve one’s conversation. You actually have something to talk about.
5. Boring people never have anything to say in conversations.
A “boor” is somebody who’s loud and insensitive to the social situation, but a boring person can also be overly circumspect.
Where the loud bore believes they are the most interesting person there is, the quiet bore believes it’s best to never say anything because who would want to listen to them? These are the ones that reply to every inquiry with some variant of ‘I dunno, sort of, I guess.'”
6. Boring people don’t have their own opinions.
If you haven’t thought critically about what it is you think, you’re not going to have much to offer in conversation.
People that do not see past what they were taught to believe are the boring ones. These people can only offer their very localized view on a variety of topics.
7. Boring people don’t know how to tell a good story.
To interest someone and to truly engage others, you have to be able to tell a story. And you have to care about that story. You also have to solicit stories out of others. And you have to care about those stories.
8. Boring people can’t see things from other people’s perspectives.
Boring people are usually those who can’t (or won’t) understand how the conversation is experienced from the other person’s perspective. The ability to place oneself in another person’s shoes makes someone interesting to talk to. Emotional intelligence is key to conversation.
9. Boring people don’t have anything new to add.
Research reveals that we’re basically hard-wired to seek novelty. The conversational takeaway: If you don’t provide anything new to the listener, they’re not going to be stimulated.
A boring person is someone from whom we cannot learn anything new. Many boring people give out cues pretty early in a relationship.
10. Boring people don’t include anybody in the conversation.
What makes someone boring is the inability to include the others with interest into the conversation which is usually what happens when the ‘boring’ person just wants their point to be told with too much detail that isn’t relevant.
This goes along with the empathy thing: If you can’t figure out that someone in the circle of conversation is feeling left out, you’re boring.”
Stop adding the people to your list who fit that mold. You don’t have enough space. Shut up! Why? You couldn’t make up the things that they (the boring folks) say or do even if you tried. Well that’s my explanation of boring people. Now, I’m bored stiff! Please wake me up at the end of this article. I became so bored writing about boring people that I fell asleep!
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