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By Vernalee
Doesn’t that doggie look so adorable?
He is the cutest thing!
His alluring appearance reminds me of some folks that a few of us considered – confidantes!
We could tell them anything or so we thought.
Close your mouth for a moment.
Let me tell you something…
1. Protect your secrets;
2. Guard your words;
3. Be selective about who you tell what to … It’s common sense.
I’m sure that you have heard this advice before – time and time again.
I have!
Of course, we don’t always listen.
** If someone tells you other folks business, they’ll tell yours!
It doesn’t take rocket scientist intelligence to figure that out; it’s plain and simple.
If you forget the essence of this simple idiom, remember this.
** You are not exempted from gossip particularly from a person who has diarrhea of the mouth!
Don’t assume that their behavior will change – just because it’s you!
They took the liberties to put your business out in the streets because you provided the fuel!
The “big mouth” who brought you someone else’s information will surely float yours out! It’s fair exchange to them. It’s the personification of the “bring and take” theory.
Because you let your guards down, your information is now freely circulating through the universe for all ears to hear!
Why would they be discreet?
They could care less.
Did you forget?
They are bonafide blabber mouths.
Besides it’s your business; not theirs!
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By Vernalee
“The bigger they are, the harder they fall” is a phrase used to ​emphasize that the more ​important or ​powerful a ​person is, the more ​difficult it is for them when they ​lose ​their ​power or ​importance.
When they are up, many unnecessarily flaunt their resources. Often they relegate many to be beneath them while talking to them dastardly; cussing them out at a whim.
Their ostentatious cruelty is covered up by a flavorful imitation of pretentious conduct that is as morally corrupt as the sky is blue. Though they cut a good figure, they wear the cloth of ruthlessness day in, day out.
Can I get a witness if you know one or two!
Never once did they stop to reflect that they were not good caretakers of what they possessed. Just as it was given, it can be taken away.
When and if they are stripped, miraculously they will feel what their counterparts felt when they stripped them. Payback makes the surreal, real; the pain unbearable; the difficulty to rise tantamount to the fall. Power and influence are not insulators to pain.
Anyone can feel it, if they unwisely test the limits!
Just ask the person who hit the ground!
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By Vernalee
Good Morning followers!
Let me introduce you to a group of folks that I define as the “lukewarm” people.
You know and see them as frequently as I.
Many are so hard to figure out.
They do just enough to keep you off their backs; just enough to get by.
Their luke warmness protects them or so they think.
However, sooner or later their true temperature gets revealed.
They play sophisticated games so that you cannot ascertain whether they are hot or cold.
For example, many may know that you have a need. They simply ignore it unless they are pushed to acknowledge it. They are great at turning their heads looking the other way.
Some luke warm folks have the resources – time and finances – but they do not have the sensitivities.
Maybe they just don’t care or maybe they are selfish.
We must keep this in perspective.
You really can’t get mad with anyone for your problems.
Depending upon their closeness to you, it may be disappointing if they don’t come through or look the other way! It is not your fault that they believe in the bare minimum.
They are serial piecemeal specialists. “A little here; a little there; or nothing at all” is there motto.
The real problem occurs in the inability to read them.
Are they hot or cold?
How would you know?
You certainly can’t feel by the touch.
They will truly never be inconvenienced for anyone other than themselves or who they feel are important.
Alright, stop feeling guilty that they did not offer, but that you had to ask them for help.
Stop feeling bad that they knew you had needs and looked the other way.
Just don’t be like them!
At the end of the day, the lukewarm personalities will be viewed on their own merit as will you!
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By Vernalee
“You can’t put the genie back in the bottle” technically means that you can’t
revert a situation to how it formerly existed by containing, limiting, or repressing information, ideas, etc., that have become commonplace or public knowledge.
Be careful.
Exercise good judgment.
We don’t possess the magic to go back in time; to put stuff back once it is released.
Watch and guard your thoughts, tongue, behavior and action. Wisdom is best utilized on the front end.
Once it’s out, it’s out!
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By Vernalee
When someone has you eating out of their hand, it means that you would do exactly what they ask you to do; no questions asked.
Sometimes, but not always, it is a mind controlled thing whereby manipulation is often involved.
Some of us may deny it; but many of us have been there at some point in our lives.
Go ahead and admit it.
Perhaps, no one is immune.
Charismatic people, those that we love, or those that we want to be loved by – are some of the best candidates to feed us this nonexistent food.
It’s a feeling; a strong feeling at that.
It usually is a mind controlled thing.
It has happened to the best of us despite our strong will.
Lest not forget that …
Love and being in love will do it!
My words not yours.
So if and when you have entered the zone of someone controlling your every moves without your cognitive input and if and when the aura in the atmospheric love zone forces you to be in that position,
do know that you have metaphorically arrived and landed in the palm of someone’s hands!
You may be definitely eating out of their hands!
Either the comments are “What’s for dinner?” or “I am not playing those games of manipulation anymore!”
We’ll see …who is in control?
Are you there or not?
Excuse me …
Your actions speak louder than words.
Therefore …. Pass me the knife and fork!
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PostHeaderIcon DO YOU SNORE?

By Vernalee
Do I have a question for you!
Here we go.
Do you snore?
Tell the truth!
All kidding aside, here’s the deal.
Some snoring sounds like a thunder’s roar.
Others have a rhythmic beat. But snoring is not music; there is nothing entertaining about it.
I confess.
Yes, I snore!
Fairly loud, but manageable, I am told!
I wish that I didn’t snore. I would like to lay across the bed without a thunderous roar disturbing anyone.
Wouldn’t you?
I, like you, if you are a snorer have little, if any control regarding those sounds that come out of our mouths.
We can however use techniques to lessen the sound.
First, let’s understand why snoring occurs.
Medically, snoring occurs when air cannot flow between the nose and mouth during sleep. Because of this airway obstruction, snoring, and the sounds thereof, occur! Sleep apnea and other medical conditions can also be involved. You see, snoring is not a choice. No one snores for the fun of it! Sure, the sounds are embarrassing to the snorer; while, at the same time disturbing to those that the sounds keep from sleeping.
There are aids for the snoring population including nasal strips, masks, mouth pieces, better pillows, etc. We conscientious snorer seek those aids.
Now let’s see… There are a number of interesting “snoring stories” that I can share such as my friend’s roommate who during a retreat vacated the bedroom and slept in the bathtub to get away from the sound. Laughter or not, keep in mind that both parties (the snorer and the person who hears the snoring) are affected! With experimentation and devices, a “quieter” solution can be experienced where no one is disturbed, embarrassed, or kept from a good night’s sleep!
Getting enough sleep is crucial to our health, our work performance, our driving alertness, and so many critical life functions.
There is no better time than now to start a good sleep regimen – including dealing with snoring.
I’m up to the challenge.
Are you?
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By Vernalee
Is your nose in the air?
To have your nose in the air is an expression, an idiom, in fact that is
used to ​describe the way someone ​behaves when they ​think they are ​better than other ​people and do not ​want to ​speak to them.
Haughty, disdainful, and conceited are synonyms that accurately describe this arrogant behavior.
Where I’m from, the impoverish streets of Glen Allan, Mississippi, we were royally taught better.
We were told that what goes up must come down.
We were taught that it doesn’t cost anything to speak and were chastised if we failed to do so.
We were also taught to be appreciative and humble.
Thinking that you were better than someone else was and is still considered insulting.
Values go a long way; they take you far; they form character that will sustain and guide you no matter where you go.
That character keeps you grounded. It gives you a foundational and a reminiscent voice that resounds over and over … “You are no better than the other person.”
Get your nose out of the air, put your feet on solid ground.
Watch your steps, lower your inflated ego, and stay on a level playing field … so if life knocks you down, you’ll have a shorter distance to fall.
It is highly likely that the people that you turned your nose up to might be there to pick you up.
Then, with a lowered nose, your mouth will automatically open with a lowly voice that speaks to all loudly and clear; a voice that gives thanks; a voice that wreathes of humility!
Keep your feet on the ground!
Stay grounded!
Arrogance does not always smell good.
Just ask your nose!
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By Vernalee
First impressions are lasting impressions. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
People size you up within seconds after meeting you.
Therefore, put some serious thoughts and efforts into the process prior to meeting someone for the first time. Approach is key. Lasting impressions can be enhanced if our moves are right. The ultimate goal is to be – memorable.
According to experts, there are several steps to this process. Read below:
10 Tops Tips for making a great First Impression:
1. Maintain eye contact.
2. Keep an opened friendly face.
3. Have good body language.
4. Be genuine.
5. Don’t boast.
6. Smile.
7. Appearance matters.
8. Use the person’s name.
9. Have a positive mindset.
10. Practice.
So plan your meeting.
Be prepared; be smart.
Make your first impression count.
Have a good introduction and a firm handshake.
Look good; smell good.
Leave knowing that you will be remembered.
Achieve the objective of the meeting … by walking away leaving your mark!
As a final tip – Please don’t be late!
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By Vernalee
the new you
Centuries ago, Chinese philosopher, Lao-tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Making that first step may not be easy. Often times, the first step is the most challenging of the entire journey. I know this to be the truth all too well!
Stop waiting on the opportune time. Too many months may escape. Start your journey now. Sometimes, you have to just step out on faith.
Stumbling blocks such as procrastination, excuses, doubts, and fears prohibit progress. They can be conquered. Don’t let temporary deterrents become permanent roadblocks! Worst yet, don’t convince yourself that you can’t do it or talk yourself out of doing it.
Once you take the first step, even if they are baby steps, the closer you become to accomplishing your goal.
If you keep moving, you will eventually cross the finish line. “Nothing beats a failure but a try!”
We all need a nudge every now and then.
By the way, these words of encouragement especially resonate with me.
There are times that I too need a cheerleader of motivation so that I can keep going!
We all do!
If the initiative to do better rubs off on you – terrific!
I hope you join me; the journey is always better with company!
Let’s go!
Let’s start a stepping.
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By Vernalee
information technology
Yes, technology particularly via my cell phone and other gadgets has eliminated selected facets of my memory.
I confess!
I came to the realization of this very fact recently.
My late Mother in her 90’s could rattle off dates, addresses, and phone numbers from her head.
Impressive, I’ll say!
I cannot do that any more.
Holy cow!
How did it happen? How did I lose my sense of recollection?
Let’s see!
I figured it out!
My wise and brilliant Mother relied on her mind to provide the answers.
I rely on technology!

I rely on retrieval of numbers, addresses, and other pertinent information that have been stored in my cell phone and other apparatuses.
You see, I convinced myself years ago that I would only use my mind when necessary. Why carry around information in my head when I can pull it up on the computer?
And just like everything else when you don’t use it, rust consumes it!
Now, unfortunately, I don’t know any of the simple stuff!
Technically in a figurative mode, I pushed the delete key.
It is no wonder that the Internet has become the brain’s “external hard drive.” Amazing!
I didn’t realize the severity of my lapse of memory and my dependency on technology until I observed my Mother’s computer mind. She could run circles around most of us youngsters without showing off!
Which brings me to these questions.
Would I be lost without my Ipad and cell phone?
Do I need to be retrained?
For certainty, I have become spoiled and incessantly reliant upon technology.
What about you?
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