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By Vernalee
In 1974, William DeVaughn had a song titled, “Be Thankful for what you got!” At the time, we sang and hand danced to the song not knowing the true meaning of its lyrics. The greater our life experiences, the wiser we become. DeVaughn’s lyrics (below) reflected the times, but the meaning extended beyond the seventies. It’s relevancy is timeless!
“Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac
Gangsta whitewalls
TV antennas in the back
You may not have a car at all
But remember brothers and sisters
You can still stand tall.
Just be thankful for what you got.”
Yes, we should be thankful and be grateful for what we have; not what we don’t have!
We have more than enough compared to many.
Our blessings are over flowing compared to some.
If you need a reminder, you don’t have to look far … just look around!
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By Vernalee
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All of you have probably seen or been confronted on the streets by individuals asking for money and assistance.
What do you do when they ask?
Do you give, ignore, or pretend that they are not there?
Generally, if it is in a safe environment, I try to give.
One day recently at McDonald’s, I saw a guy soliciting help who was an old family friend. OMG!
My heart started to bleed! I gave him the $10.00 that I had. He had fallen on hard times.
Life happens; bad circumstances can befall anyone!
I remember on another occasion, I was riding with a friend and a gentleman had a sign that read, “I need food.” Of course, I was touched, but my friend said. “ We aren’t giving any money!” Instead, he drove to a nearby fast food restaurant and brought back a sandwich and gave it to the gentleman.
There is no easy answer.
There is also an element of danger when you let your car window down.
Safety and good judgment always come first.
The saving grace is compassion. When your heart urges and tells you to help, you are rightfully looking at the need; not the person. It is the right view to have.
What should we do?
How do we help?
Maybe, your assistance can be a charitable donation. Perhaps, you may desire to volunteer at a homeless shelter, a food bank, or your church.
We can make our contribution with various forms of resources including our time and financial contributions. It all counts!
Remember this.
Matthew 25:40 “… Whatever you did for the least …. you did for me.”
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By Vernalee
Yes that’s right! I will not stoop to your level!
I will not degrade my integrity or purpose whereby dignity is lacking.
Doing things beneath my moral standards will take me there.
Certainly, I will not join you on a debased plane for any reason.
I’m better than that!
The old folks in Mississippi would say, “Don’t bow down to nobody. Only get on your knees to pray.”
So, I plan to stand tall, reach toward the sky, and make progress.
Lowering my standards is not an option. No, none of us can afford to let our guards down; to let our emotions overrule our intelligence and critical thinking.
My moral compass, southern training, years of living, and spirituality have taught me this:
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
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By Vernalee
Are you a doer or a talker?
Before you answer, I have evidence.
Your actions, or lack thereof, will speak for you! Hush!
Observing and commenting on what needs to be done makes complaining easy. I know many commentators. Don’t you? Doing what needs to be done is harder.
I am so tired of the “I was gonna do” folks and the consistent, “Do you need anything” chorus.
That question usually comes from the great pretenders … pretending that they care while their actions demonstrate otherwise. They suspect that you will not ask them to do anything, so they assume that are off the hook since they made a faked insincere overture that could be seen a mile away! Who are they fooling?
Can I get an amen if you know one? I say, “Just do what has to be done!” Your actions, not asking the question, show that you care.
Symbolic of the traffic lights, the green light mobilizes movement; it provides solutions! Actions speak louder than words … everyday of the week!
Besides, the energy that is used to complain could be better utilized to solve the problem.
If you care not to provide solutions, do the next best thing: Keep your mouth closed! If you are a red light person, you don’t have to tell anyone!
It will show!
Trust me!
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By Vernalee
imageA scorned woman – I am sure that you know or have encountered or heard of a few. Before you start shaking your head, allow me to provide a simple
definition. A scorned woman is a woman rejected in love who can become very angry and dangerous. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. There is nothing as unpleasant as a woman who has been offended or whose love has not been returned.
The scorned woman proverb was adapted from a line in the play, The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve, an English author of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Some things never grow old.
The proverb is vibrantly alive hundred of years later if and when fed the right stimuli. Scorn her and you can be in for the fight of your life.
R. Kelly sung about her some years ago, but maybe the point needs a revisit. His poetic words harmonized to music are below. Sing along.
Cuz when a woman’s fed up
No matter how you beg,
It ain’t nothing you can do about it
It’s like running out of love
And then it’s too late to talk about it.”

A scorned woman wants revenge; a strong woman moves on! What a contrast!
Usually out of control, some scorned women get very creative with their feelings via demonstrations to highlight the trauma and drama of the aftermath effects. Property damage is usually an inviting target.
Only reason and sensibilities exempt women from ditching their angelic wings to lifting the devil’s red fork.
We saw Angela Bassett (Bernadine) on “Waiting to Exhale” throw out her hubby’s clothes, load them in his car, before setting it a blaze.
We saw Meredith Baxter in the true story portrayal of Betty Broderick drive her SUV into her ex’s luxury house among other injurious acts before she pulled the trigger.
Before you say, those were actresses, think again! Recount those real life acts from the diaries of the scorned woman that resonate throughout the gossip mills.
As the saying goes, “An investigative woman does better research than the FBI.
A scorned woman will reiterate Flip Wilson’s line in a jack flash minute, “The devil made her do it!” To my male followers, be honorable and upright or watch your back.
Don’t put yourself in Lucifer’s shoes. He got thrown out of heaven. A hint to the wise is sufficient!
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By Vernalee
Several years ago, I had the opportunity to see the Broadway musical, Motown.
The show was fantastic!
The musical opened with the Tempting Temptations and the cast included performances by the Four Tops, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wells, The Commodores, Teena Marie, Rick James, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and so many legendary artists and groups.
With Berry Gordy at the forefront, the story was told as you mentally walked back in history because many of the lyrics reflected the times. In reality, many songs are just words about life put to music! There are love songs; songs that tell of joy, abuse and misuse; happiness and sadness. The words run the gamut of life experiences.
Although I danced and sung to the top of my vocal chords, the Motowm musical is more than a play about songs, artists, choreography, and Motown.
It’s about life!
It is a demonstration of a man fulfilling and living his dream; a man who wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer; a man who defied the odds!
It is a testimony … as Diana Ross’ famous words to Berry, “If you can think it, I can do it!” All dreams start with an idea! It is left up to us to make them come true.
Berry Gordy did!
We can too!
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By Vernalee
Photo Feb 22, 2013, 1_52 PM
You can present someone with an opportunity, but you cannot force him or her to take advantage of it.
Sometimes, it makes you upset; particularly when your advice can save them from calamity.
Remember this one important fact. While you are worrying about them, having sleepless nights and watching your hair turn gray, the person in trouble is carefree, sleeping like a baby, and has no need for Grecian formula or Lady Clairol.
This scenario is upside down; right? Bottom line: People do what they want to do! Besides, if they get in the saddle, they must be prepared to ride! So … Get with the program!
Go home, kick up your feet and get some rest. Don’t worry!
Their lackadaisical attitude and inactions will catch up with them. Sadly, when they are in doubt, they let the horse do the thinking! Hi Yo Silver! Away!
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By Vernalee
Saturday is usually my “runaround” day, but today I am “staying put.”
My plan is to do absolutely nothing and I mean nothing!
I plan to rest and relax! I owe it to myself! This has been a mentally exhausting week. By the way, I am not on the beach today as the photo projects.
However, I have such a vivid imagination that I will visually transport my mind to the white sandy beaches of Biloxi, Mississippi!
Oh my!
The water in the Gulf is amazingly warm and relaxing as the scorching sun glares on my face.
I am reclining in my chair with a wide rim straw hat.
Join me imaginatively in this relaxation process, but please stay at your house! Let’s not defeat the purpose of my tranquility today!
I am not on my phone; my iPad is in the other room.
I have removed the nuances of disturbances because I am just chilling!
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By Vernalee
To turn the other cheek is to refrain from retaliating when one has been attacked or insulted. Turning the other cheek, also known as “offering one’s cheek, is a phrase in Christian doctrine that refers to responding to injury without revenge.”
The phrase originates from the Sermon on the Mount in the New Testament. In the Gospel of Matthew, an alternative for “an eye for an eye” is given by Jesus.
Now, an eye for an eye”, or the law of retaliation, is the principle that a “person who has injured another person is to be penalized to a similar degree, or in softer interpretations, the victim receives the estimated value of the injury in compensation.”
We often struggle with what our actions should be particularly when we are unfairly treated. Do we retaliate or do we resist? It’s hard to walk away! It may take every capillary in our body to not do unto them what they did unto us! How can we reasonably refrain? How can we not seek revenge? We must realize that anger is poisonous. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
It’s a struggle; a battle of the heart and mind. Who will win this internal raging battle remains to be seen. All I can say is that we let integrity and Godly wisdom be our compass. In the short term, we may regret our non-retaliatory stance, but a respectful, dignified response may assist in finding a solution that may put those conniving rascals behind us because we took the high road! Height and distance are very telling. When people are trying to bring you down it means that you are above them! Your actions may not earn you the Nobel Peace Prize, but they will make you doers of the Word! Hello!
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By Vernalee
The bathroom toilet enjoys a consortium of terms including commode, stool, John, et al.
It doesn’t matter what name we use, I am positive that most women have experienced the agitation of sitting on the commode only to find that the man left the seat up.
Whatever happened to bathroom etiquette?
If you have experienced the toilet seat mishap, you have for sure sat on a wet seat with an illusion that you had fallen inside because of the imbalance.
So to those careless violators who leave the toilet seat up, we have a word for you. It’s even poetic.
Here goes …
“If you sprinkle when you tinkle;
Be a sweetie and wipe the seatie!”

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