By Vernalee
We are fascinated with celebrities. Intrigued by what they wear; who they date, marry, and divorce; where they live; what they eat; how they remarkably lose weight; and everything about them, our inquisitiveness has made the magazine industry mega millions for we read about them from cover to cover. Will George Clooney marry Amal; why did Solange really hit Jay Z; will Robin Thicke get Paula Patton back? Our curious minds want to know! Celebrities ….We adore many; form relationships with some that we have never met or will ever meet; and feel incredibly close to others. With the relatedness of reality shows, seemingly, the stars sit with us in our living rooms. Alright, admit it! You have a crush on President Obama, but you are afraid of Michelle’s wrath. You secretly eat in the closet but you crave to have a curvy body like Halle Berry. Enough is enough! You are hooked! You regularly scan Celebrity gossip columns and blogs like Sandra Rose, Necole Bitchie, Perez Hilton, and TMZ. I saw the National Enquirer that you clandestinely hid in your purse! I’m sorry! Excuse me! My thoughts were just interrupted! There has been a spotting of Kevin Costner in downtown Cleveland! I have to go … maybe I can catch a glimpse of him or get his autograph before a line forms!
Photo reprint: 2013mags