By Vernalee
Muhammad Ali www.scoop.itHave you ever gotten tired of hearing yourself talk about doing something and yet it is undone? If you try, you will be better off than doing nothing. Remember, other people also get tired of hearing you talk about what you are doing, but never did! I had to stop giving myself the repetitive speeches about launching my books. I have always been a risk taker so why was there a hesitation? Everything is new until you do it once! I realized that I was competing against myself! I was in the boxing ring alone…. thinking about the world being my reading audience. For the past five years, I wrote something practically every day if no more than a paragraph. As I kept writing, my production kept growing generating five books and countless articles. The writing disciplined me as I trained and perfected my skills. My latter writings are better than the initial ones. Practice makes perfect! However, at some point in your life, you must come out of training and peddle your ware. Good, bad, or indifferent, I have done just that! Finally, I girded my loins, took the dive, fortified my courage and just did it! Failure was not an option! I am now a published author, not just a writer. I had enough practice testing the waters. It’s still a journey and I am still work in process; but I am learning, developing, and improving. I am doing what I love and having tremendous fun! I am in my element with a good “go forward” disposition. It all happened when I surrendered my fears, clicked my ruby red slippers three times, occupationally arrived home … and repeated to myself, “There is no place like home!”
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