By Vernalee
Most likely, everyone has witnessed the devastation of cheating and the morning after sickness that lingers. Two is not better than one in relationships! Have you ever cheated or had someone cheat on you? Shhh! Don’t answer; it may be incriminating! How do you calculate the cost of cheating and affairs? The topic is a hard one to examine or discuss, but it is alive and kicking! Alright, pull out your calculator; it’s time to add! Cheating usually comes with an itemized list and a expensive price tag. It encompasses more than just money. There is also a steep emotional price. Hmm. I wonder will you ever trust again? Think about this! Cheating affects more than you and your mate; a lineup of family and friends are involved in the scandal.
After adding in the intangibles such as – humiliation, embarrassment, betrayals, guilt, pain, forgiveness or lack thereof, traces of fractured memories that never fade….and other residue of the moments when the wedding ring came off – the cost is insurmountable. It is infinite. If in the process, an embryo is created or a home is wrecked ending in divorce, the mounting cost leaves the scientific realms of calculations and is transplanted directly into the hearts of the afflicted. The sting of pain is amazing; it can be sometimes implanted forever and a day. There is simply no erasing of things that cannot be eliminated. So before the final calculation is presented (because with extramarital affairs there is always a price to pay whether you are caught or not), let’s examine the accompanying mountainous debt. Lest not forget those unmarried companions who have been in long termed committed relationships. Should there be any covenants of expectations? Surely, anyone’s heart would bleed if the person that they have been seeing and faithful to – is cheating behind their back. It’s only human; don’t you think? Remember this: Stop thinking of cheating in terms of sex – only! Cheating comes in other forms of inappropriate actions. The list (secretive dates, flirty social media exchanges) is too extensive, but I know that you get the picture; the landscape for sure isn’t foreign! Tune in tomorrow for a wrap! See ya!
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