By Vernalee

You just met a new man who appears adorable. He is as cuddly as a teddy bear.
After a couple of dates, you noticed that conversations about any aspects of his past life were off limits and vague. He acted as if he was a new born infant with no history. Did this guy fall off the face of the earth? So it’s natural to be suspicious about his past. Can anyone be that secretive? Your talking mind wondered, “Is he hiding something?”

I am not suggesting running a background check, although that is your prerogative if you deem it necessary. The internet makes it very easy to accomplish that task. However, I am suggesting finding out as much as you can by “any means necessary.” Do your due diligence.

I recommend the face to face queries. It tells a lot. His body language, eye contact, and direct / indirect answers are very telling; dead giveaways in some instances. Sometimes your normal investigative methods can fail, because some people are natural born pathological liars. For some, to tell a lie is as natural as breathing air. Keep asking questions; keep seeking answers. The truths always rise to the top. You must keep your eyes opened. Nothing is fool proofed. Your checklist may be a book that you never close.

Thus, it is imperative that you stay on the alert! You can never let your guard down – sad to say, even when you share the last name, as in marriage.

If things are not what they should be, run! Get away from him as fast as you can! Your investigative instincts are probably right!

Photo Reprint: Sherlock Holmes – GIF Image