By Vernalee
When I travel, I prefer to carry only one item on the plane; the lighter, the better! The hassle of being “weighted” down with luggage, though they may roll on wheels is too much! Thus, I always check my bags! Since luggage is a physical object, it’s an automatic process; a no brainer in fact!
But what about emotional baggage? Its internal. We wheel our past around with us wherever we go; particularly in relationships. Consequently, mentally stored in our cerebrum, we formed conclusive opinions on conduct based upon what someone else previously did or didn’t do! Glazing into our relationship crystal ball, we predict the outcomes! History is hard to wash away. It shouldn’t be ignored. In many cases, it serves to protect us. Undeniably, it is predictive; except for distinguishable variables. Most notably in a new relationship, we are interacting with a new person! How different is that? Should we keep our guards up to insulate and protect ourselves from hurt and heartbreak? Do we unfairly send someone “a packing?” Are we better safe than sorry? Are we holding someone else accountable for another person’s deeds? There is a Latin phrase – “tabula rasa.” It means – a blank slate. As hard as it is to erase memories, we should only judge people on their actions. Wiping the slate clean is a necessity. Emotionally, though we may have experienced deep scars, we can’t roll old problems into a new relationship. It”s called fair play. We must check our baggage at the door!
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