By Vernalee
Words, words, words! As a writer, I love words. I love the sounds and the “sexiness” of them. Beautiful sounding words excite me! Integrating, exploring and using words of all types is my cup of tea. I can still remember my Elementary English teacher drills on antonyms, synonyms and homonyms. You were not graduating from her class dumb! Word particularly homonyms can be tricky because they sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings. You have to catch yourself to make sure that your usage is right. Test your skills as I provide you with 17 Words that are commonly used incorrectly. Here they are:
1. Its and It’s
2. Aide and Aid
3. Effect and Affect
4. Altar and Alter
5. Principal and Principle
6. Bawling and Balling
7. Bare and Bear
8. Pique and Peak
9. Capitol and Capital
10. Canvass and Canvas
11. Compliment and Complement
12. Stationary and Stationery
13. Vain and Vein
14. Incite and Insight
15. Hangar and Hanger
16. Lightning and Lightening
17. Overdue and Overdo
How many do you misuse? The answer may be surprising. Let us not forget other ones that I can add to the list that are regularly and improperly used including:
18. There and Their;
19. Your and You’re; and
20. To, Too, and Two.
Twenty is such a good number. Anyway, how did you fare with this inventory of commonly misused words? Did you pass or fail? How many times did you have to look up their definitions in the dictionary? How many words have you used incorrectly and out of context? I confess! I opened the dictionary to check some of these words a few times myself. No worries, being right always beats being wrong!
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