By Vernalee
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My Momma can take all of the dinner leftovers, add seasonings and other savored ingredients and make a delicious mouthwatering meal. Your taste buds would never discern the difference. What a cook she is!

I am noticing that my Momma’s namesake – my daughter – is duplicating her Granny’s efforts. Slightly different though are her ingredients. When my daughter is disappointed, she puts all of her disappointments in a bowl, stirs them up, and reflects on them over and over again. The irony is that many of her disappointments occurred because of the actions or lack thereof of others. She can neither change their wrongdoings nor change what happened. Thus, she could not have affected the final outcome anyway. Logical, isn’t it! Yet, she punishes herself. I have witnessed this time and time again. At first, I saw it as adolescent residue that perhaps resulted from growing pains. Now, I am counseling her to stop the madness! I repeatedly advise her, “Learn and move on to enhance your present and future life. Stop looking back!” Lot’s wife did. We know the end results there.

Life is a journey. Some days, we have a smooth ride; other days, there are bumps in the road. I say, “Learn from the past; live for today and prepare for the future.” Keep a balance by never “being anxious about tomorrow, for each day has its own anxieties.” Remember Jehovah Jireh! In fact, you my daughter taught me that principle. You routinely quoted the poetic verses every morning during your prayer time when you lived in Atlanta. May I suggest that you revert back to those days; they gave you peace, hope, and a calmness of spirit?

As I have learned from you, heed this advice from me! It’s very simple. When you throw away bad stuff, you are left with the positive attributes. Take the good from yourself and others; figuratively- make a good pot of chicken soup that tastes like a recipe from one of your Grandma’s scrumptious meals. You can never duplicate her taste, but get as close as you can. Use fresh ingredients, throw away bacteria infested products. You cannot produce goodness from badness; positivity from negativity.

In other words, “chop up” your relationship experiences, vigilantly learn from them, and aggressively move on; be better, rid yourself of bad influences / dishonorable people, and enjoy the splendors that each minute of the new day of your wonderful, blessed life brings! You deserve it!
Once you accomplish those tasks, you will smell an enticing aroma and partake of a delicious bowl of chicken soup. Oh yeah…now you’re cooking! Um, um, good!

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