By Vernalee
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Reportedly, when the historic “We are the World” was being recorded, conductor Quincy Jones made one introductory statement to the exceptionally talented singers. “Check your egos at the door” was Quincy’s simple phrase. Those six words solidified his leadership. While Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder and others were in “his house,” there was only one boss. That boss was unequivocally Quincy! All of the talented and veteran singers occupationally were “chiefs”, but in Quincy’s house for this recording, they were “Indians.” His instructions, directions and rules were the order of the day. He had the control baton in his hands.
What a lesson learned! No wonder “We are the World” was a highly acclaimed, award winning blockbuster success that climbed the charts while showcasing a captivating video. Its charitable proceeds fed and provided for many. Clearly, beyond the singers’ incredible talents and voices, the primary success factor rests with the fact that everyone knew their place! If you are a struggling boss with inferior leadership abilities, maybe you should walk a mile in Chief Quincy’s moccasins!
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