By Vernalee
Historically, most famous explorers brought back evidence substantiating their travels. In some cases, one could witness accounts of their travel as proof of their journeys. Let’s see, there were explorers – Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Ponce de Leon, Jacques Costeau, Neil Armstrong, and Ohio’s own John Glenn … to name a few. Should the standard be the same when business executives explore new territories? New contracts and lucrative projects would be the greatest evidence! What a reward when new business and profits start being reflected on the company’s income statement. Then the company would be able to reap the benefits and prosper from their traveling salesperson’s labor and journeys. Increased frequent flyers miles are evidence too, but those benefit the travelers, not the company. Profits reflected on the bottom line benefit all. I’m not sure what happens if the executives keep coming back empty handed. Will they be penalized? Will they be grounded? Maybe, they will be assigned to desk jobs and forced to raffle off their round trip tickets accumulated from their travel miles. How much are the raffle tickets? I’ll take five! Nothing beats a cheap trip!
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