By Vernalee
If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, you couldn’t make anyone believe that this workplace bully is allowed to ignorantly insult the staff. He is out of control! Isn’t harassment a prohibition protected by law? Absolutely! Terrorizing the employees is the bully’s specialty. His inherent duplicitous behavior is like wine. They say that he has gotten worse with time; tyrannical maturation! Question? How can he get away with these violations? Why do those in control turn a deaf ear? If the boss doesn’t have the courage to discipline him and reel him in, he can do what other corporate executives have done. Call Clint Eastwood! He will drive him out of Dodge City and make the bully rock in his boots! Clint is perfect! Because he can skillfully play contrasting roles, Clint can stop the bully as Josey Wales or Dirty Harry. Oh yes, I would love to see Clint chew a little tobacco, spit the juice on the bully’s boots, dare him to insult anyone else, and best of all “Make his day” as unpleasant as the bully has made others! Yee-haw!
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