By Vernalee
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Come go to church with me! I want to take you this first Sunday to a country church in the Mississippi delta. Folks are dressed in their “Sunday go to church” clothes. Only the best for God! The choir stand is rocking as it has Mahalia Jackson type of talent. The traveling choirs go from church to church singing to the heavens. The pianist who can’t read a chord of music plays by ear so magnificently that even you believed that the sounds were produced by a trained classical musician. There is a resounding reverence as the singing preacher brings the house down with his James Cleveland’s rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Standing in the pulpit, his pastoral message is so intense that you feel that he is talking directly to you. Communion is ceremoniously served; petitions are quietly whispered. The congregation holds hands as they seemingly pray your troubles away. You feel the Holy Ghost spirit and an incredible closeness to God! Exiting your spirituality propels you to sing “Let everything that has breathe praise The Lord!” As my pastor would say, “God is able!” Happy Sunday!
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