By Vernalee
imageThere is nothing better than a confident man who knows where he’s going and who he is! To my lady readers, if you agree, do a hand wave! Who has time to deal with intimidation? Confidence breeds confidence and yields positivity! Certainly, your guy wants you to be the best that you can be … as you do for him. If this is not the spirit brewing in your relationship, it may be to your advantage to view alternative arrangements. I was always told, “Get to know people and always know where the exit sign is before you sit down.” Envy, jealousy, resentment, and unhealthy competition are not part of the equation and have no place in your lives. In solid relationships, it is essential that you are there for each other! Supportive actions will take you farther. As the saying goes, “All queens have a king!” Vice versa is likewise true. Enjoy your professional and relationship ascent! Unless you are a robotic recluse, being alone after your challenging climb to the top of Mount Everest can be lonely. It is nice to have company to view the sights when you reach the mountaintop. Everybody needs somebody … but the right somebody! Hello!
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