By Vernalee
Pictured below: Models Anansa and Beverly Johnsonkwekudee-tripdown memory
Every woman wasn’t made to be a “pencil thin” size 2. Just look around at the mass population! Now that a size 12 is considered full figured, there are more of us in that category than not…including me! Of course, I am on a campaign to become more physically fit, healthier … and lose weight. It stands to reason now that I am in my 60’s. Did I mention the sluggish difficulties to this process? Yet, it must be done for me … and my loved ones! With Anansa Sims Patterson (supermodel Beverly Johnson’s daughter), others (and me) being over the dress size 12, we stand among over 100 million (representing 67% of the population) that retailers cannot ignore. Our buying power is too great; we too love to be fashionably attired. Surfing through the channels, I recently heard one of the advisors on Diane von Furstenberg’s reality show say, “Confidence has nothing to do with size.” I confidently agree! Here’s a shout out to my fabulous full figured ladies and to our journeys of physical fitness!
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