By Vernalee
Let’s face it! Beyond price and product, there are unlimited variables that determine what we buy; when and where. With unhesitant certainty, bad customer service will determine where we don’t spend our dollars. Regardless of the product or service, customer service influences purchasing decisions and consumer impressions immensely. Who wants to make a purchase from a rude, inconsiderate, belligerent grouch! That front line (be it in person, via telephone, etc.,) not only determines what, how much, and how frequent one purchases, it may be the main determinant as to whether the customer comes back or never returns. Small businesses, beware of who you hire especially for these pivotal positions. Those individuals become a major factor in determining your bottom line. Unless you have a product or service that no one else offers, your competitors are omnivorously waiting on your mistakes and your lost sales. Cha Ching! Mind your business! You’ll pay – one way or the other!
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