By Vernalee
Last night, Alphonso Riberio may not have done the “Carlton” for which he is famously known from his days on the ” The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” My son informed me recently that he and my daughter had watched every single episode of “The Fresh Prince” and “The Cosby Show.” To him, that feat was a phenomenal accomplishment! I’ll say…Everything in life is relative; but that’s from my eyes, not his! Last night, though, through tremendous pain and tears, Alphonso kept dancing. Now that’s an admirable feat! Judge Len Goodman respectfully and admirably told Alphonso that “pain is temporary; glory is forever.” Life throws all of us curve balls. What’s important is our strength to persevere; to continue; to not give up! Carlton (I mean Alphonso) showed us that! Even though I am not a DWTS judge, I cast my vote for Alphonso. He’s got the moves and the courage to continue through his pain and not throw in the towel! He is a champion in my book! Excuse me, I have to call my son Scooter and tell him about Carlton…even though Will Smith was his favorite character! I am sure that he will tell me what specifically happened on that particular episode when Carlton unveiled his famous dance to the Fresh Prince fans! Aw Shucks! I have to listen!
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