By Vernalee - Roots

When Alex Haley’s Roots: The Saga of an American Family” debuted on television in 1977, I remembered being glued to the tube. I was so captivated that I only moved when there were commercial breaks.  In my early twenties at the time, I recalled being extremely angry at the treatment that we as a race had received.  This miniseries inescapably placed the horrors of slavery before the eyes of America.

Decades later, when Skip Gates followed with his “Finding your Roots” specials, a passionate interest brewed into tracing our family’s roots.  Dr. Gates’ latter historical consulting capacity with the film, “Twelve years as a slave” further intensified my investigative curiosity.

Unearthing our family’s history is one of my new interests.  I am fascinated and curious to see what I find as I venture back to trace our roots; particularly finding ancestors several generations back.  I know that my family will be enlightened with my finds!  If you take the dive, your family will be too!

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