By Vernalee
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Normally, if we reveal secrets, we tell them to people that we trust.
Then, we hope that our secrets are kept secret! My Momma once told me, “Beware of who you tell your business to coz some folks can’t hold water!”
Metaphorically, just like running water, so too will be your business if it gets into the wrong hands! When people tell you, “I have something to tell you, but you can’t tell no one,” they probably have already told a number of people before they shared it with you.
So much for their breaches of other folk’s confidentialities!
Unfortunately, when and if your secrets are revealed, it is extremely hurtful to know that your confidences are circulating throughout the universe traveling at an incredible speed!
Do know that it becomes more juicier as it travels. Everyone adds their commentaries before it is passed to the next ear!
It is equally devastating to know that it came from the mouth of someone that you thought that you could trust!
The revelation proves that your confidante wasn’t at all confidential!
Of course, you feel violated; rightfully so!
To help keep confidences confidential, here are a few tips:
1. Never share information that you have been asked to keep confidential.
2. Use your judgment when it comes to matters of implied confidentiality.
3. Keep things confidential that were intended to be confidential even if a relationship breaks down.
4. Do not vent your private marital or relationship issues with your friends. This will cause them to view your spouse or significant other differently, probably negatively.
5. When someone says, “I was asked to keep this in confidence, but I can share it with you,” let them know that you’d rather not be involved.
They say, “Trust no one totally but your Mother!” A hint to the wise should be sufficient!
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