By Vernalee
Do I have a question for you!
Here we go.
Do you snore?
Tell the truth!
All kidding aside, here’s the deal.
Some snoring sounds like a thunder’s roar.
Others have a rhythmic beat. But snoring is not music; there is nothing entertaining about it.
I confess.
Yes, I snore!
Fairly loud, but manageable, I am told!
I wish that I didn’t snore. I would like to lay across the bed without a thunderous roar disturbing anyone.
Wouldn’t you?
I, like you, if you are a snorer have little, if any control regarding those sounds that come out of our mouths.
We can however use techniques to lessen the sound.
First, let’s understand why snoring occurs.
Medically, snoring occurs when air cannot flow between the nose and mouth during sleep. Because of this airway obstruction, snoring, and the sounds thereof, occur! Sleep apnea and other medical conditions can also be involved. You see, snoring is not a choice. No one snores for the fun of it! Sure, the sounds are embarrassing to the snorer; while, at the same time disturbing to those that the sounds keep from sleeping.
There are aids for the snoring population including nasal strips, masks, mouth pieces, better pillows, etc. We conscientious snorer seek those aids.
Now let’s see… There are a number of interesting “snoring stories” that I can share such as my friend’s roommate who during a retreat vacated the bedroom and slept in the bathtub to get away from the sound. Laughter or not, keep in mind that both parties (the snorer and the person who hears the snoring) are affected! With experimentation and devices, a “quieter” solution can be experienced where no one is disturbed, embarrassed, or kept from a good night’s sleep!
Getting enough sleep is crucial to our health, our work performance, our driving alertness, and so many critical life functions.
There is no better time than now to start a good sleep regimen – including dealing with snoring.
I’m up to the challenge.
Are you?
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