By Vernalee
Several years ago, I heard the comedian Sinbad make jokes about our cell phone usage. What an invention! “We use our cell phones for everything but talking,” Sinbad joked! Sublimely true, our cell phones have so many varied uses in addition to our verbal conversations. We text, email, and let our cell phones become our babysitter and company keeper! They are most engaging communication and information tools that connect us to the world. Agreed! However, when they replace the sheer intimacy of our basic conversation; our eye to eye contact, and our relationship togetherness, there is a problem! When we substitute our “one on one” face to face sharing by using an instrument, the technology has taken a seat at our table. If it becomes an ingredient that causes communication indigestion, a “medicinal cure” is needed before you regurgitate a breakup or a divorce! Pepto Bismol … to the rescue! All kidding aside, the Bottom Line is – We shouldn’t ignore each other when we can talk! My thoughts …
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