By Vernalee
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Discretion should be the guide that determines what we expose. Guarding what we choose to reveal and what we keep confidential is pivotal to determining outcomes. Without question, it is a known fact that our small tongue can cause monumental problems when the wrong thing is said to the wrong person at the wrong time. Said differently, it can be dangerous to air our dirty laundry in public. Why hang your “dirt” out for everybody to see? To air your dirty laundry means to openly talk about things (usually a problem or dispute) that should be kept private. Discussing and revealing private issues amongst others that are not involved is unwise. “Your dirty laundry” (dirty secrets) should be kept out of sight when people are visiting; otherwise, it could be embarrassing for you, others, or them. There are many concerns and tons of information that need not become public. Once it is released from your lips, it cannot be retracted. As the old folks in Mississippi sitting on their screened in porches gossiping and drinking lemonade would say, “You best know who you’re talking to. Don’t let folks know what’s going on in your house coz they will barge in. As for who you tell what to – all we can say is that “thang” over there … can’t hold water. Don’t tell her your business if you don’t want it out in the streets.” Listen to me my old folks! As a child, I thought that you didn’t know what you were talking about. Now, I see how wise you were and why you hung your laundry up in the dark!
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