By Vernalee
Exit how you entered! The manner by which you leave is critically important. Think before you act! During a heated moment, it may appear that you will never come back and maybe that is your intention. Never say never! As you exit, close the door gently, professionally, diplomatically, and respectfully. By doing so, chances are you can re-enter; likely you will be welcomed back. You never know what hand life will deal you, so hold your matches. Extinguish them quickly. Don’t burn your bridges so that you can walk back across if necessary. Guard your tongue; contain your anger; monitor your behavior. Proverbs 19:19 advises us that “A hot tempered person must pay the penalty..rescue them and you will have to do it again.” Learn from your mistakes. Walking away is a choice; returning is an option contingent upon factors surrounding your exit! Happy Sunday! God bless!
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