By Vernalee
Dating back to the fifteen century, the proverb, “jump out of the frying pan (and) into the fire” became one of Aesop’s fables.
You may ask, “How could something so old be so relevant today?” Exactly what does the expression mean? Simply stated, it means to go from a bad situation to an even worse one.
Our lives are full of decisions. They occur by the second; by the minute. What’s interesting is that prior to our “jump,” typically we make highly informed and intelligent decisions based upon what we know, understand, or see at that point in time.
For certain, there are other times when our circumstances force us to leap without sufficient cognition.
Here lies the problem.
Because of our lack of vision and ability to predict the future, we may unknowingly position our feet to land in a situation worse than our original position.
And of course, once we ascertain that we are no better off and that we should have stayed where we were, we can become very upset and frustrated. In fact, we regret that we moved at all!
Needless to say, hindsight gives us all 20/20 vision.
Don’t you wish you could have seen a while ago what you see now?
But of course!
As life would have it, there is an upside. We can learn from our mistakes. Life doesn’t give us do-overs, but it gives us an opportunity to make it better the second time around. Time makes us better.
As we age and experience more of life occurrences, our judgment and assessment skills should improve.
We weigh, research, consider, and learn to navigate our journeys by looking at the viable options. Sometimes, our intuition stops us dead in our tracks.
It is those moments that we see that the green grass has actually turned brown when we get to the other side. As our maturity kicks in, we stop rushing to judgment and fact find instead.
Once you are scorched and burned a few times, you seek not that pain anymore! Optimistically and wisely, you become better stewards of your time, energies, and resources as you walk in your intellectual gardens that God has planted in your souls.
Our quick jumping days without thinking will hopefully and prayerfully become a thing of the past. The evidence of carelessly jumping from the pan into the fire become conspicuously noticeable.
Mistakes, poor judgment, and bad decisions definitely age you; sometimes overnight.
You become unrecognizable. Though you are not “fried” – crispy or charcoal – your inner and outer appearances change. Your hair grays, your body shakes, your skin wrinkles, your back/head hurts as memory losses and stress consume your presence.
Physical and emotional pain begin to speak out loud.
Their words often shake you up. However, if the lessons learned sank in deep enough to touch the right membranes, you will become a new person in the same old skin.
Then you will notice how wise you have become. If you have been there – in any of the valleys of despair, losses, frustration, and helplessness, you definitely don’t want to go back.
Those experiences become implanted within and they teach you to think before you leap and jump!
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