By Vernalee
Growing up, my Mother would always say, “Turn over your problems to The Lord. If you pray, don’t worry. If you gonna worry, don’t pray!” As I matured spiritually, my faith in God matured with me; my Mother’s words never left me. God hears and answers prayers. He will not leave your side. When you experience God’s love in your soul and heart, you will be able to confidently testify. When your prayers have been answered, you can gracefully and confidently chant the words of Richard Smallwood’s spiritual “I love The Lord.” Smallwood once said God can take a song and give it to someone else and they reach an audience that you can’t as when Whitney Houston sang her version of “I love The Lord” in the movie, “The Preacher’s Wife.” When hearts are touched, it doesn’t matter from whose lips the words came. And the choir sings this second Sunday in March, “I love The Lord, he heard my prayer; And pitied every groans; long as I; I live and trouble rises, I hasten to his throne. O I love The Lord. I sure do, surely do love The Lord!”
Happy Sunday! God bless!
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“I pray for you; you pray for me. And watch God change things!”