By Vernalee
lisa dev. empower network. com
Be careful about what you say to whom! When the ideas in your head become a reality in someone else life without your permission, it happened because you confided in someone not worthy of your trust. You cannot talk about your “stuff” to everyone! Oh yes, you learned a valuable lesson the hard way: Your product exploration and conversations can be dangerous commodities when said in the presence of the wrong audience. Patents were created for that very reason, namely to protect ideas / inventions. When people that you purportedly trust steal your ideas and chase your dreams at a speed faster than you, it is imperative that you close your mouth unless you want to walk into a store and see your covenant idea beautifully stocked on a shelf. You were robbed blind … right before your very eyes …from someone that you thought that you could trust! Your dreams were stolen! Ouch! That hurts! Maybe there will be recompense; maybe the thief may receive a hearty dose of unwanted payback for his egregious thievery – but in the interim, until it’s time for a calculated release, keep your dreams and precious thoughts locked safely in the corner of your mind!
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