By Vernalee
health work. myLoving a “no good” man and loving a “good man” require the same effort, but what you get in return is substantially different. It’s a night and day contrast. The “no good guy” can always provide excuses for his misconduct. He can rattle them off effortlessly and continuously – one by one! Making the changes to correct them, well…that’s another subject! Sometimes, we spend too much time trying to make something out of nothing. One day, the light bulb will come on in your head and you will realize that only he can make those necessary changes and improvements for himself; not you. If he doesn’t change, if no more, it is imperative that you stop looking for qualities in him that aren’t there; qualities that you will never find. You can stop the fabrication to family and friends to validate him for actions that were so insignificant that they bear not mentioning. Everyone knows who and what he is! Though it may be hard, there comes a time to pack your bags and move on! Roll him out on your glossy samsonite luggage on wheels; the maneuverability is easier; you can shift the weight! It has been said that “A good man is hard to find!” True that! But there is someone out there worthy of you; someone who will love you the way that God says a man should love a woman; someone who is real and not a figment of your imagination. Keep an open mind, but sometimes in order to receive, you have to dispose. Find the strength within and muster the nerves to rid yourself of a man who really doesn’t matter! Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! Once the zero is eliminated, you will walk upon the man “where you are everything and everything is you!” Once that happens, you will as so many women before you ask one pivotal question. “What took me so long?” ….Better late than never!
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