By Vernalee
imageWhat are you taking into your new relationship? Before you answer, “nothing,” think and think again. You may be surprised what you are rolling in with you. Stress, guilt, low self esteem, resentment, fear, anger, depression, residue from past relationships, bitterness, lack of trust, secrets, and other weighty issues may be emotionally in tow with you. Hopefully, your baggage is on wheels. In either case, the weight can get heavy. In fact, it can be too much! Are you ready for a new relationship? Do you need to detox? Before you answer look at the signs.
10 Signs that you’ve got too much emotional baggage for a relationship:

1. You blame first, defend second.
2. You think you own the other person.
3. You can’t receive the constructive criticism.
4. You agree first, stab in the back second.
5. You think your friend are “all that.”
6. You have a lazy – snobbish disgusting child syndrome.
7. You are a selfish, petty, grandiose narcissist.
8. You are a whiner.
9. You are a martyr.
10. You are a rebel who is asking to be controlled.
If a majority of these emotional substances are in your luggage, perhaps you need to rid yourself of them and their influences. Otherwise, you will roll them right into your new relationship and transfer the weight to your new partner. Then he or she is on the seesaw with you trying to balance what you brought in! Is that fair? Probably not! An understanding partner who loves you will be there. He/she will help with the transition. Two people need not be totally angered and depressed! Right? Removing the weight is your job!
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