By Vernalee
imageWe entrepreneurs dance to the beat of a different drummer. We are different with unique traits. Here lies –
15 Common Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs:
1. “You take action.
You Invent as you go.
2. You’re insecure.
Your insecurity drives you to achieve your goals.
3. You’re crafty.
You figure things out.
4. You’re obsessed with cash flow.
Liquidity is the name of the game.
5. You get into hot water.
You are never satisfied with the status quo.
6, You’re fearless.
You always see the potential.
7. You can’t sit still.
You are energized.
8. You’re malleable.
You are consistently evolving.
9. You enjoy navel gazing.
You are always evaluating yourself and your effectiveness.
10. You’re motivated by challenges.
Motivation comes naturally.
11. You consider yourself an outsider.
You are not a copy cat.
12. You recover quickly.
If you fail, you don’t stay still; you move on.
13. You fulfill needs.
You fix problems.
14. You surround yourself with advisors.
You hire smart people, not “yes” folks.
15. You work and play hard.
When you fall down, you pick yourself up.”
If you are self-confident, perceptive, hard working, resourceful, a risk taker, creative, goal-oriented, optistimistic, flexible, independent, visionary, get along with others ….sounds like to me that you are an entrepreneur.
You fit the mold!
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