By Vernalee
I am baffled! It is amazing how some people remain employed when they do no work at all. I’ll take that back! They do nothing productive. They do contribute to the company’s bottom line by adding unnecessary expenses. They do suck up to the boss who should know better or be tired of paying salaries and mounting expenses for incompetency. Forget it, that’s their business and problem! Why be concerned with persons who respond to simple questions with complex answers that need interpretation? It’s beyond comprehension. It’s both funny and sad! If the boss protects those individuals, who’s protecting the boss? I’m sorry! Forgive me. It’s none of my business if folks ignore the predictable outcomes, particularly when the tragedies of rebellion just sailed out of their neighborhood! Could the message be any clearer or is the visibly apparent left invisible for reasons unbeknownst to our naked eyes? I know not! The answer is blowing in the wind! None of the company’s intellects can figure it out; neither can Dr. Phil! Even Scotland Yard’s Sherlock is clueless!
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