By Vernalee
For the past weeks, we have heard about the alleged and highly publicized Bill Cosby’s escapades with eight maybe nine women. Once the numbers started growing, I lost count! I have always admired the accomplishments of Bill Cosby; his theatrical orchestration and influence to show to mainstream America that Black families can be successfully headed by doctors and lawyers. My favorite Cosby Show episode is the Huxtables singing “The Night Time is the Right Time” with baby girl Rudy imitating those Ray Charles “Baby” lyrics! Remember? Whether Bill Cosby did what has been alleged will be proven through the legal system. The court of public opinion is split on the veracity of the claims. Listen up! So much about Bill, let’s shift to Camille. My sentiments go out to the accomplished Mrs. Camille Cosby. No woman wants to hear about her man’s sexual exploits, whether they are true or false. I suspect that the humiliation and embarrassment lie within no matter how strong her outer persona appears. Yet, Camille as so many other similarly situated women continues to stand by her man’s side. Dr. Camille Cosby, I respect you for your strength and do not question what your position should be. I am a fan! I realize that your and Bill’s fifty year marriage should only have room for the two of you, your children and God. Please know that respect for you is not in isolation. A choir of women is singing your song….not the one heretofore referenced, but the Queen’s (Aretha Franklin’s) version of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
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