By Vernalee
“I don’t have time; I’m too busy; Wish I could, but I can’t work it in.” Are these excuses or legitimate responses? Or are these statements egotistical magnification symbolically used to inflate self-worth or stipulate that what they do is more important than your meager responsibilities; a competitive analysis of sorts? Is the goal to distribute guilt with an insinuation that you have more “time on your hands” to do what they cannot? Do you not have the same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours in a day?
Is it not true that people make excuses to do what they desire not to do but find time to do what they desire? Since our desires are different, is this exaggerated excuse a display of envy when you accomplish what they did not? Let’s not forget the people who constantly work? Are they using work as an excuse? Of course, it is realized that time is precious. It is also recognized that some jobs are demanding and pervade into one’s personal space. Nonetheless, use your time wisely as you respect others’. Stop making excuses to judiciously justify your actions (or lack thereof) or make some feel “smaller” than you. Time wise, we all fall short! That’s why they say, “If you want something done, give it to the busy person.” Through their multitasking, they will figure it out; they will get it done with no excuses!