By Vernalee
open door -
Remember the admonition, “Walk out the door the way you walked in!” Easy said; sometimes hard to do. Leaving a job, a relationship, or any situation may become problematic. Saying goodbye may not be stress-free. Depending upon the terms and circumstances of the exit, what’s easy to say or do can become difficult because our emotions get in the way. Pride always comes before a fall! Often times, it takes humility and courage to do what you desire not to. In the end, doing and saying the right things are more of a testament to your character than your self-imposed glory of pride and dignity. Listen and heed what that inner voice and your gut (your mind and your heart working together in concert) tell you. You will be better off! Walk away with the same spirit and level of professionalism that you carried inside. You always want to be able to turn the knob, open the door and walk back through if required or desired. Besides, after all is said and done, you can only control and be responsible for your actions! On your way out …when you look at the people remaining inside, you will give an elegant wave and be thankful that your spirit is not like theirs!

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