By Vernalee
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In …
Social Media is all around. It has been blamed for a number of relationship breakups. We often place the blame on things that we can hide behind. Which brings me to this question: Is social media the problem or is the problem a lack of discretionary placement of what you and / or others post? Here’s how the story goes. The husband said, “Facebook broke us up!” Now, let me give you the street version interpretation. Here goes: The husband cheated. He and his other woman took photos at her family’s cookout. She (the girlfriend) posted the provocative / intimate photos on her Facebook account. One of her 500 Facebook friends (although she has none in real life) happens to be the man’s wife best friend … showed the wife her husband’s photographs with another woman sitting on his lap, kissing, and all hugged up. Busted! The wife immediately confronted her hubby of 10 years because photos don’t lie despite the fact that he did! Although he broke a vow, there was no DNA evidence to prove that it was him! But, the wife started excavating and she dug up some skeletons. Aw shucks! Now, they are in divorce court because he and his cheating girlfriend who knew that he was married also have a couple of kids. Whew! Are you serious? So, Facebook didn’t break up their marriage. His infidelities, cheating heart and actions coupled with his young girlfriend’s disrespect and stupidity by publishing their indiscretions revealed their adulterous clandestine affair! Girlfriend – brought it all out; didn’t she? But the boomerang swung back! Pow! The moral of this story is – Think before you tweet, post, or put that photo up on line. It may be comprising or it may comprise you and the people that you have touched! What is done in the dark may come to light! In this case, it did! I’ll tweet to that!
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