By Vernalee
The legendary producer Aaron Spelling would have been in television heaven had he heard the comments echoed yesterday from a prominent labor attorney. It appeared fictitious, but the story is just as real as the day is light. It would have been ideal for one of Spelling’s mini-series. The attorney had just defended a case that had unbelievable and voluminous infractions of harassment, retaliation, and improper conduct. Apparently, a top level executive had threatened a subordinate with physical harm and told him that he would put his foot up his derrière. Juicy! Right? Continuing, like a raging bull in a china shop, the same executive had also stormed into the office of a manager and accused her of favoring another executive over him! The audacity of her! Puffing like a chimney, he angrily asked her to leave the grounds. Stop the madness! Shaking his head, the attorney was merely relating the facts from the case that he lost. Apparently, several employees successfully brought forth a class action lawsuit. Now the employees that the belligerent executive degraded, cursed out, and humiliated are taking a weeklong cruise on the proceeds from the $5 mill settlement that the 15 of them received respectively. The former executive boss, who the company finally terminated, is no longer in a suit and tie. He is now wearing his new uniform, a “ fall from grace” shirt. Someone said they spotted him on the side of a city garbage truck. Finally, he found a job to pick up what he had thrown out for years. What a dishonor to that respectable profession!
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