By Vernalee
Our precious family will never hurt us! Right?
An upcoming series, “Empire,” which is scheduled to make its debut in January 2015 has a luring and catchy advertising slogan; a slight variation from the infamous one used by Marlon Brando in the movie, “The Godfather.” “Empire’s” catchy phrase says, “Keep your enemies close, and your family closer!” What! It is no secret that the folks who know us the best (friends and family) can destroy us- easier and faster! They know our moves, our thoughts, our secrets, our everything. It hurts to think that our covenant family has the desire to betray us when purportedly they are the ones who should love and protect us the most; not victimize us! I shudder at the thought, the insinuation and the reality. What has the world come to? After all, isn’t blood thicker than water? Do we now have to be leery of and watch our sacred relatives? Disappointing and hurting if such becomes the case! I suspect that “Empire” will be as telling with acts of underhanded, unbelievable tactics as “The Godfather.” It is as scary as it is real!
Photo credit: The American Television Series