By Vernalee
I know that you have undoubtedly heard the quote – “You don’t believe that fat meat ain’t greasy.” It is a generational expression that coincides with “a hard head makes a soft behind!” Parents usually echoed those words when children are being mischievous. Kids always like to test the waters because they think that they know everything. As a teenager, I thought that I knew more than my parents only to find out in my adult years that my children assessed their intelligence to be far greater than mine! Go figure! I guess the “Apple does not fall far from the tree.” It usually takes a tolling of years and experiences to completely understand that fat meat is really greasy; literally and figuratively. Each year, we get wiser and wiser. It took time for us to learn simple things the hard way! “Learnt sense versus bought sense” had not registered yet; the pan drippings and the grease had clogged our cognitive thinking. We now know that what we took years to find was already in our old fashioned elders back pockets had we taken the time to stop, listen, and take their advice! Thank goodness – “you’re never too old to learn!” Whew! I finally got the point so I am passing it down! Listen up! Fat meat is greasy so you definitely don’t want to “jump out of the greasy frying pan into the fire!”
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