By Vernalee
Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York has a rich history and a stately building as it is housed in a NY historic, landmark building. Despite its impressive Gothic architectural style, the school has come to my and the world’s attention because of an after school fight of its students. Appalling is the fight that was captured at a nearby McDonald’s. Goggle the “Fight at McDonald’s” and you will be emotionally saddened. About four girls kicked and savagely attacked another 16 year old student in an after school attack at a nearby McDonald’s. What is really sad is that the time was taken to video the fight, but no one tried to stop the fight! In fact, the crowd cheered! The victim has not filed charges, possibly because of retaliatory fears since it has been labeled as a gang attack. Forget about ordering a Happy Meal, this fight will “turn your stomach” and cause regurgitation! It is painful, disturbing, and embarrassing to watch!
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