By Vernalee
Continuing our Valentine’s week on the subject of love, let’s look at the older ones who now find themselves single?
For sure, “It’s never too late to find love!”
But … it can be an arduous process when you are older and have been out of the game.
The older you become, your desire to take risks lessen. Age does not remove the prospects and exposure to being hurt.
Looking for love and dating can be intimidating processes at any age. For certain, they are labors of work.
Another job, you don’t need!
The older you are and the longer that you have been out of the dating game, the lesser your dating skill set has become. It can create anxiety and cultivate doubt. Just ask Tina Knowles!
Beautiful, successful, and in the spotlight was Tina Knowles, the Mother of superstar Beyonce. After 33 years of marriage, she found herself divorced and all alone.
“Where am I gonna find somebody at 59 years old? Where do you meet men? Where do you get them? They’re all gone.” If Tina asked those questions, why wouldn’t we?
She found her soulmate. At age 61, Tina married actor Richard Lawson. Congrats Tina!
Yes, it takes courage.
It takes tenacity.
It takes getting out there and making yourself available.
It takes not settling for someone who doesn’t make you happy.
Though you don’t won’t to necessarily wear your singleness on your sleeves, it is necessary to declare your availability.
Revelation is part of the process. Rejection may be encountered, but determination will ultimately bring positive results.
Sharing your life with the man that you love is a beautiful thing. Companionship is great!
God knew that it was not good for man to be alone, thus he created woman.
Love, companionship, eternal bliss of marriage will never grow old.
Loneliness is for the lonely; it is no fun!
Hats off … to our journey!
Besides, 60 is the new 40.
Photo credit: (Richard and Tina).