By Vernalee
If you do not like how you are being treated, don’t take it! Why take it! Be courageous….Walk away! Speak out! When people use slick tactics or reverse psychology to make you feel like you are the violator, when it is really them, who do they think that they are fooling? While they were placing the blame on you, they forgot that they are not bullet proof! Grown folks are no different from kids. Let them get away with stuff once, they will continue their trickery deeds. Unfortunately, you can’t discipline adults, but you can abstain from being a participant in their foolish shenanigans. You do not have to be a victim. You do not have to be a target on their dart board! Besides, under- handed schemers can never take what they dish out! If their dastardly treatment to you, ricochets back around, is it not them who got the lick? Punch! Once you demand respect, you run the show! Be in control of the treatment you receive!
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