By Vernalee
We know the game. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and exercise are the primary tenets to good health. Easy said; hard to do …. particularly when you have acquired bad habits that promote the opposite. Challenging, it is! How can you improve? Adding a dose of determination, better habits, and a motivating partner to your lineup is a healthy start. A patient encouraging partner (in the form of my daughter) is helping me more than words can say! Though she can be a drill sergeant, she is patiently encouraging / guiding me, helping me to reach the next level, and patting me on the back when I do good! She even bought me a water bottle. I immediately laughed and reminisced about the many baby bottles that she lost in the house. These actions (motivating, encouraging, teaching) have usually been my job! What’s happening here! I’ll tell you. I’m getting in shape … being guided by my grown baby’s hands! Cool!
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