By Vernalee
As a sequel to the book turned movie “Waiting to Exhale,” author Terri McMillan penned “Getting to Happy.”
At first glance the title appears simplistic, but a deeper comprehension of the term drives me to a greater appreciation of that three letter phrase. You see, much of our time in some form or fashion is centered around happiness – be it our own or others.
Happiness is not a complex term; not at all. However,
achieving it and maintaining it have its complexities.
No matter what, we desire happiness because of the emotional soothing that it brings to our soul … and the souls around us.
Happiness creates a feeling of splendid utopia.
When found, happiness creates excitement. It glows like the sun rays from the sky when it moves to your heart. It radiates with a brillance that brings a smile to your face and faces of others.
Who could ask for anything more!
The splendors of life seem so fluid when it run downstream peacefully. Amazingly, it leaves sweet trails and memories when happiness abounds.
No wonder, we want to “get to happy” and stay there!
Oh yes, we strive and in many cases will go beyond the call of duty to keep the aroma of happiness flowing in our midst.
Though it may be difficult at times, for certain, it’s alternative, unhappiness, is not a favored outcome or desire.
That is why I say –
“Get to happy.”
Glance down the road a little piece and look for my face. I want to ride on the happiness tour bus with you!
Who knows, we may even see familiar characters including Robin, Gloria, Bernadine, and others … from the “Waiting to Exhale” cast.
I’ve made an important decision.
I choose to be happy; don’t you?
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