By Vernalee
From time to time, my viewing audience sends me questions. Here’s one of them.
Question #1 – While out of town, my boyfriend permitted a female friend to drive his car to pick up her child from camp. Needless to say, I was upset. My boyfriend called me to inform me of his decision possibly to protect him in the event that I saw her behind his wheels. First of all, I had never driven his new car. Secondly, why didn’t she ask her man or the child’s father? Lastly, I believe that she likes him! Am I overreacting?
Mary Jane
Dear Mary Jane,
In situations like this, I always try to walk in the other person’s mocassins. Then, I pose the question as to what a reasonable boyfriend would probably do if he was placed in a similarly situated position. Role reversals work miracles. They shed lights of brilliant illuminations. My boyfriend is “true grit.” He is straightforward on most matters. Therefore in my mind, there would not be an acceptable scenario to paint if he saw another man driving my car. He would indeed be angry and would tell me that it was unacceptable. In fact, he would adamantly request that I not let it happen again. So what … if notification was provided. Forewarned is not foretold. Informing someone doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do. I do have a slight variation Mary Jane to your question that left me curious. Where did the female friend get the car keys since he was out of town? Does she have keys to his house? Hmm. Something seems fishy. Maybe, this female has been a cruising about town Danica Patrick all along. Maybe you are the only one riding in the dark with the lights on low beam. Crash! There may be more here than meets the eye. Of course, this is speculation at best. The so call driving incident may just be a sampling of other acts that have occurred between the two. All I can say is keep your eyes open. If you have to switch lanes (or the man), by all means do what is best for you! Food for thought and my thoughts!
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