By Vernalee
I was always familiar with Common, but when I saw him several years ago on the campaign trails with President Obama, I acquired a new found respect for his social consciousness style of rapping. I read his memoir, “One Day, It’ll All Make Sense.” I became so immersed in the reading that I couldn’t put the book down! Now, he has co-penned the song “Glory,” whose lyrics are as deep as the Mississippi River is long. He and his writing partner, our native son from Springfield, Ohio, John Legend have been nominated for an Oscar for best original song. What a combination; Common’s hip hop rap alongside Legend’s silky voice! Oh my, when Legend’s fingers glide across the ebony and ivory keys, he can make the baby grand piano boogie woogie! Having just won the Golden Globe, “Glory, ” from the movie, Selma will make your bones shout as it chronicles past and present day injustices; as it tells us that the answer for change lies within us! And nobody could say or preach “Glory” better than Dr. King! “Glory Hallelujah , Glory Hallelujah, Our God is marching on!” Happy Sunday!
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